With spring arriving the snow will continue to melt, the grass will start to grow and of course diseases will become active.  Don't get caught off guard!  Choose from some of the best granular fungicides on the market at Grass Roots. 

These products give the turf care professional the flexibility they need when things start to get crazy in the spring.  Granular products are great tools to spot treat affected turf and to avoid causing damage with a spray rig on soft ground.  You can go just about anywhere with granular fungicides and tests have proven that they are very effective in fighting disease.

See below for a list of many of the granular fungicides we offer.

Fungicide Chart

Lebanon Daconil


Daconil fungicide is an effective broad-spectrum fungicide for the control of many turf diseases, including but not limited to the following: curvularia, leaf spot, melting out, copper spot, dollar spot, brown patch, gray leaf spot.

The Andersons Prophesy 0.72G


Prophesy fungicide delivered via fast acting DG Pro technology provides prevention of snow mold and other common diseases. Because it is a dispersing granule (DG) product, Prophesy is perfect for high-value turf and lawn & landscape applications. With light watering, the product immediately dissolves into the target areas, eliminating any chance of mower pickup or runoff.

Syngenta Heritage G


Proven Efficacy and Application Flexibility 

Heritage is a fungicide with a novel mode of action. Field tests have shown that Heritage consistently provides exceptional disease control for extended intervals and improves overall turf quality.

Key Features/Key Benefits

Key Features

  • Controls a broad spectrum of more than 20 turfgrass diseases, including brown patch, Pythium and snow mold
  • Available in granular, ready-to-spread, liquid or dry sprayable formulations
  • Absorbed through the leaf blade or stem and is taken up by the root system
  • Translocates upward (acropetally) and is uniformly distributed
  • Extruded active ingredient, from the plant, is washed down and recycled back into the plant by root uptake

Key Benefits

  • Allows for extended application intervals up to 28 days, depending on disease pressure, allowing for fewer applications
  • Controls certain turfgrass diseases associated with turfgrass establishment from seed, and may also be used during over-seeding of dormant turfgrass
  • Contains multiple formulation options that allow for application flexibility and mixing/handling preferences 

Lebanon Eagle .62G


Eagle .62G Fungicide is a granular product containing a systemic protectant and curative fungicide for the control of diseases in established turfgrass. One application protects up to four weeks.

Cleary 3336 DG Lite

  • Superior patented dispersing - granule technology.
  • Contact with water causes rapid particle distribution.
  • New 150 SGN particle makes application easy and more consistent.
  • Better penetration of fungicide through turf canopy into root zone.
  • Perfect match for today’s turf and ornamental management styles.

Syngenta Headway G 

(Azoxystrobin + Propiconazole)

Headway G provides the effectiveness of a spray with the convenience of a granular due to a highly soluble carrier. Even heavy dew can dissolve the carrier, adding to the efficiency of the product. Headway G provides the same long-lasting broad-spectrum control of the liquid Headway formulation on turfgrass diseases including brown patch, dollar spot, anthracnose and take-all patch.

Key Features/Key Benefits

Key Features

  • The Headway G carrier provides for root uptake and also leaf intake. Because the carrier dissolves so easily and quickly, it does not stick to the leaf, is not picked up with clippings, and does not leave residue on shoes.
  • Stops the infection and prevents it from spreading. Application rates and intervals of Headway G vary depending on target diseases.
  • Lighter-weight granules spread over a wider area than traditional granules. Available in 30-pound bags.

Key Benefits

  • Headway G works in areas Headway cannot due to weather conditions preventing a spray application.
  • Broad-spectrum control up to 28 days.
  • Will typically disperse with a heavy dew or light watering (approximately 2–3 sprinkler revolutions).
  • Engineered particle minimizes dust formation.

BASF Pillar 

(Pyraclostrobin + Triticonazole) 

Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide is a combination of pyraclostrobin (the active ingredient in Insignia fungicide) and triticonazole (the active ingredient in Trinity fungicide) on a granular carrier. This combination of two highly effective active ingredients delivers excellent disease control on numerous diseases problems that challenge turf managers today. These diseases include dollar spot, anthracnose, patch diseases (brown patch, large patch, take-all patch, summer patch), snow molds, and leaf spots. (See full list below)

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Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide also offers plant health benefits. Research shows turf treated with Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide provides improved plant health in the form of stress management including drought/moisture and temperature extremes. In addition, treated turf has also shown increased root length and density.

Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide is formulated on a clay granule that provides excellent spreading characteristics due to its density and uniform particle size. The active ingredient moves quickly off of the granule after irrigation or precipitation so that it can protect turfgrass soon after application.